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African American Soldiers Prayer Figurine

* (Title): " For the Troops African American Jesus / Soldier Prayer Figurine.
* This is the perfect gift for you or a loved one who is serving in the military.
(Size): 6.25" Width (x) 4" Diameter, (x) 6.25 Heigth.


African American Wall Clock (Daniel in the Loins Den)

** A perfect gift for yourself or a friend.. This inspirational wall clock will be a source of strength for years to come. This decorative table clock is made from clear protective glass with a easel back for standing display. Each clock was designed with beautiful artwork and a Holy Scripture. "He who kneels before God can stand before anyone. My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the loins' mouths, that they have not hurt me"....(Daniel 6:22)... * (Each clock is battery operated). (Size): 9.875" (Width (x) 5.875" Height (x) 1" Diameter


African Doll-Deluxe on Stand

*** These charming Dolls are waiting for you***
Sweeten up your atmosphere with a genuine African Woman Doll. Each comes dressed in authentic African clothing made from African fabrics, and will make a charming impression on any home. Also these Dolls will brighten up anyone's day as the perfect gift. (Size): Stands 9-10" Tall. (Available Styles): Clothing styles will vary, per order.


African Fashions Catalog

* African Fashions & more; retail catalog-2013
* 96-page full color (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") catalog.
* Explore Exotic New Colors, Prints, Textures,
Jewelry and Artworks. Connect with African's Heritage.


African Mask

* Made in Ghana
* These unique mask are seen by the Fang tribe as symbols
of wealth and prosperity.
* Approximate size: 19" (Tall) x 4" (Wide).
* Hand carved and painted from genuine African wood.
* Medium Ghana Fang Mask-Symbol Purple.


African Men BouBou Outfit

* Upscale Masculinity....
*The Ultimate Hand-Made Grand BouBou
*Outfit include: Top, Pants, Boubou outer
garment and Kufi Hat.
*Hand Made with gold embroidery.
* Fits up to 56" chest, 39" shirt length, 54" drawstring waist, 31" Inseam.
*Kufi fits a 24" circumference.
*Boubou had a 106" chest and 54" length.
*Hand-made in Ghana and in the Gambia regions
* Available colors: Olive, White & Gold, Dark Brown, Forest Green, Light Green, Mustard, Royal Blue, Light Blue


Anti Aging Wonder Cream w/Mango- 4 oz..

* Turn back the signs of time!!
* Anti-Aging Wonder Cream, with Mango-4 oz..
* Discover younger, more luminous skin in
days with anti-aging wonder from Africa!
* Made with a precise blend of self-regenerating
and healing 'Oma (supergrade of Shea); this
product exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates
cellular activity, and swiftly rejuvenates new
cells. * 100% Oma Supergrade Complex.
Clinically proven to erase: Aging signs,
Wrinkles, Stretch Marks and Uneven Skin tone.


Burkina Faso Hand Woven-Wicker Fan

* Use as a stunning wall hanging or eye-catching power fan.
* All fans are hand-made.
* Made in Burkina Faso
* (Available Styles): Styles will vary, per order
*( Size): 16" long


Butterfly Lace Flower Skirt Set

Butterfly Lace Flower Skit Set.
*(Material): 100% polyester.
* Top is slightly tapered for a figure-flattering look with back zipper and eye / hook closure.
* Wrap Skits fits most... and varies from....> 63" to 67" waist & 43" to 45" Long.
* Size-12, fits up to 38" bust / 36" waist.
* Size-14, fits up to 40" bust / 38" waist.
* Size-16, fits up to 41" bust / 38" waist.
* Size-18, fits up to 44" bust / 42" waist.
* Size-20 fits up to 45" bust / 43" waist.
* Size-22, fits up to 50" bust / 48" waist.
* Size-24, fits up to 51" bust / 49" waist.
* Size-26, fits up to 52" bust / 50" waist.
* Available Colors: Black - Coral- Purple- Turquoise - White -Red
* Made in Thailand,


Dionne Warwick-Autobiograpy

* Limited Stock / Buy Now!
* My Life, As I See It; autobiography of Dionne
* International Music Legend spanning over fifty
* Released over 56- Charted hits starting in 1962.
* Received five Grammys and countless awards
and Honors.
* Ms. Warwick musical talents is considered to be
the vocal foundation of legendary music composers
Burt Bacharach & Hal David's compositions.
* This autobiography tells the stories of Ms. Warwick's
life from her childhood and intricate details
about her blessed and strong family ties.
* This autobiography is a must-have, in
your book collection, and is in limited
supply, so order now!!



*Available in the spring of 2014.... Place your special orders now!!
(Description): Beautifully hand painted Diva, mounted on a porcelain column.
(Size): 3.5" (W) x 3.5" (D) x 11.625 (H)


Diva Angel Figurine

* Diva Angel Figurine
*Size: 4.1" (width) x 3.5" (diameter) x 8.6" (height)


Double Paisley Fan Dress

**** Double Paisley Fan Dress*** Demand attention with this highly alluring Fan Dress. A stylized top leads to a blurred multi color dress. (Size): Fits up to a 36" bust, 46" waist, 66" hip, and 54" length. (Material): 100% Rayon. (Available Colors): Beige - Brown - Fuschia - Pink - Purple - Red. Made in China.


Dudu-Osun Black Soap

Dudu-Osun Soap will have you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. It restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles, dark spots, psoriasis, stretch marks. (Ingredients): Unique blend of shea butter, tropical herbs, native honey, osun camwood extract, citrus juices, aloe vera ,natural vitamins and Cocoa Power. Dudu-Osun is Hand-made in Nigeria. (5.25 oz.) 150 grams. Dudu-Osun works to renew your skin, heals, tightens and moisturize like no other soap which also is our number #1, Best-Selling Soap.


Embroidered Butterfly Brocade Skit Set

* Show up in style with this Embroidered Brocade Skit Set. * Adjustable wrap skit with a 42" length.. * Blouse fits up to a 40" bust and has a 22" length. * 100% brocade cotton. * Made in Senegal
* (Available Colors):Blue - Fuschia - Purple - Royal Blue


Full-Length Halter Dress: Multi Print

* Full-Length Halter Dress: Multi-Print.
* Colorful, exquisite, and stylish, this full length halter
dress will make you feel dazzling.
* (Material): 95 % polyester / 5% Spandex.
* (Size): Fits up 40" bust, 38" waist, 55" Long with an
elastic waist.
* (Available Colors): Brown, Purple & Red.
* Made in China.


Hand-Carved Mother of Pearl Chess Set

* Hand-Carved Mother of Pearl Chess Set.
* Includes velvet-covered carrying case.
* Made in Egypt.
* 14" x14" board.
* Made with real mother of pearl, known
for it's rarity and luminescence.
* Add museum-quality artwork and fun
to your home with this set.


JoJoba Oil (4 oz).

Say hello to radiant, soft skin and hair with the new JoJoba Oil. This rare luxury oil is derived from the desert plant Simmondsia Chinesis.
*What JoJoba Oil can do for you:
- Jojoba oil moisturizes dry or flaky skin. - Clears and minimizes pores while clearing skin of blemishes. - Helps to prevent wrinkles and lines. - Keeps skin soft, smooth and supple. - When used as a hair conditioner; leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy. - Use as a scalp treatment to relieve dry scalp or dandruff while moisturizing your hair. - Can be used as a soothing massage oil. - Aids in the healing of psoriasis and eczema and is also used as an excellent skin conditioner.


Kente Kufi Hat

*Kente Kufi Hat
* Made in India
* Approx. 22" in circumference.
* Available in four styles:
Style- 1....C-A899
Style- 2....C-A900
Style- 3....C-A897
Style- 4....C-A898


Kente Tote Bags

** Kente Fashions...Full of Meaningful Style..
** 100 cotton
** 17" x 11"
** Made in India
** Available in three other styles. Please request
your free catalog.
** Each color holds special significance.


Kenyan Massai Shield

* Made in Kenya
* The Massai warriors are renowned for their
bravery, ferocity and hunting skills.
* These hand-crafted shields are approi-
mately... 24" long,
* Each shields are sold as a set.


Leather Shanti Elephants Tote Bags

** Hand-crafted for effortless elegance and
**Leather Shanti Elephants Tote Bag
** Made in India.
** 13" x 13".
** Adjustable straps with an outside zipper
on the back.
** Available in colors of: Red, Black, Brown & Purple.


Massai Beaded Assorted Bracelets

"Adorn Yourself with African Designs"
* Made in Kenya
* Massai Beaded Assorted Bracelets.
* All bracelets come with different colors and
designs of beaded work.


Massai Warriors Chess Set

* Massai Warriors Chess Set
* Using Massai warriors adds a whole new
dimension to playing chess.
* The set includes a ... 14" x 14" solid wood
board with poly-resin pieces.
* Made in China


Men's Kufi Hat

* Transform yourself with African hats...
* Made in Africa
* Approx. 20-22" in circumference.
* Available in colors of: Black, White,
or an assorted mix of colors...
* Please specify your choose of mixed
colors combinations and confirm if it
is in stock.


Mold Me, Make Me 2014

The inspiration for this year's Mold Me, Make Me Calendar comes from prominent Biblical imagery which portrays God as the Holy Potter and we, His people, as malleable lumps of clay in His hands. Featuring a unique collection of breathtaking art pieces, this beautiful calendar will be a year-long reminder that the Holy Potter is fashioning you according to His will... (Size): 12 (x) 12".


Mudcloth Brim Hats

* Made in Mali
* 100 % cotton mudcloth.
* Transform yourself into someone that is
hip, cultural, and exotic in one easy step!
* Available color patterns: Yellow, Gold
Brown combinations. (Please specify)


Mudcloth Kufi Hat

The Mudcloth Kufi Hat is produced from authentic African fabric, using an ancient and extensive
process. perfected over thousands of generations. * * (Material): 100% cotton Mudcloth * (Size): Approximate 22" (to) 24" in circumference. * Made in Mali


Mudstick~Full Length Dress

* African Mudcloth Fabric
* Exotic style with modern sophistication.
* Embrace symmetry with this geometrically designed
full length dress. Comfortable and feminine, this
long A-Line dress will keep you noticed anywhere.
* One size fits most.
* Bust measures up to... 54" - to- 63".
* Fits a small through a (2x).
* Made in Mali
* Shipping weight: 32oz..... Numer in stock: 62


Neem Oil

Neem Oil gives you complete body wellness, and a
multitude of other uses!
* Ingredients: Azadirachta Indica (Neem) Seed Oil.
* Benefits of Neem Oil are:
(a). Moisturizes dry skin. * (b). Acts as a natural bug
repellent. (c). Used as an antiviral treatment for chickenpox, warts, or smallpox. (d). Heals acne & clears pimples.
(e). Relieves athlete's foot or ring worm. (f). Relieves itching. (f). Heals cuts and helps clears scars.


Noni Healing Juice

** # M-542.....(32) Oz. bottle
** Find All-Healing...with 100% Pure Noni...
* Grown in the lush, tropical jungles of Hawaii,
Noni juice has been used for centuries for
its far-reaching health benefits.
* The Benefits of Noni Juice:
> Immune booster.
> Digestive stimulant.
> Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal.
> Repairs Cellular Damage and Aging.


Noni Power Capsules

* 100% Noni Power Capsules.
* Hawaiian Noni has been used for thousands of
years by Polynesians for it's beneficial properties.
It is considered a strong blood purifier, and cleanses
the body of harmful bacteria. It is also known to cause cell regeneration and increase cell function. Studies show Noni's potential to stimulate the immune system, inhibit the growth of tumors, regulate proper cell function and actually regenerate damaged cells. * (60-capsules ( 517 mg.)


Quick Slim Hoodia Gordoni

Sweet Sunnah Quick Slim with pure Hoodia Gordoni is an all-natural formula that deceases the appetite, attacks obesity, controls sugar cravings and boosts energy. QuickSlim is designed to help eliminate gnawing hunger and beat the diet fatigue. (Ingredients): QuickSlim is made from 100% Certified Pure South African dwelling plant known as Hoodia Gordonia. It works by mimicking the effect that glucose has on the nerve cells in the human brain. Other ingredients include: Spirunila, Biogenic Amines, Cinnamon Twig, Galangal Rhizone, Green Tea Leaf, Proprietary Enzyme Blend), Phytase Amylase Cellulase Lactase, Lipase, Protease), Halal Gelatin Capsule, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Brown Rice Flour, and Water.....Each bottle contains: (60 Capsules) 435 mg.


Raija Dashiki

* Be a scene-stealer in the sophistication of African style.
This Raija dashiki glitters with gold embroidery for an
elegance that works for men or women.
* Rich gold embroidery.
* 35" in Length.
* Fits up to 50" bust.
* Includes Hat
* Made in India.
* Available in colors of: Red, Black, Blue, Purple,


Rasta Dress

Show a little flair and color the Rasta way with this colorful Rasta Dress!
*Available sizes: * Medium 51" long.....> Up to 36" Bust.
* Large 51" long.........> Up to 38" bust.
* X-Large " 51" long....> Up to 40" bust.
* XX-Large 51" long....> Up to to 42" bust.
* 95% cotton / 5% polyester.. Made in China


Royal Jacket & Dress Set

* Become like royal when you slip this Royal
jacket and Dress Set on. Comes with dress,
Jacket, and head scarf with velcro.
* One Size fits most.
* Fits up to bust: 52"
*Dress Length: 46"
* Jacket Length: 38"
* 100% Polyester, Dry Clean only.
* Made in Pakistan
* Available Colors: Ivory & Beige


Ruffled Sleeve Brocade Skirt Set

* Experience authentic African fashions..
Own the look of African queens with this
traditional ruffled sleeved skit set.
* Made in Senegal.
* 100 % cotton brocade.
* Fits up to a 52" bust, 60" waist, and
37" long skirt.
* Available in colors of: White, Dark Brown,
Light Blue, Pink, and Purple,


Strong Horse: Heral Aphrodisiac

**Strong Horse: Herbal Aphrodisiac** (30-capsules)
* Stong Horse Aphrodisiac supports healthy libido
and sexual function. This capsule acts to support
healthy blood flow to the genital area and deliver
corresponding support for a healthy sex drive.
Strong horse also delivers a sustained and
massive energy rush....
* Warning: This product contains....YOHIMBA....
Do not use this product if you are at risk or are
being treated for high blood pressure, kidney
failure, thyroid, seizure disorder or stroke.
* *Consult your physician before use if you are
taking...MAO Inhibitors or any prescription
drug..... Not for use for any persons under
18-years of age...


Sunday Morning (2014) Calendar

Every Sunday morning, in scores of churches around
America, faith and fashion unite as women of all ages pay tribute to God's many blessings. Each month of this year's Sunday calendar depicts women of confidence, character and strength elegantly dressed in their Sunday best, along with monthly scriptures to uplift and inspire. (Size): 12" (x) 12"


The Scholar

(Title): The Scholar
(Artist): Harry Roseland
(Size): 22" (x) 28"
(Medium): Lithographed framed copy.


Traditional Butterfly Sleeved Dashiki

* Traditional Butterfly Sleeved Dashiki
* Made in China
* 100 % polyester
* Fits up to a 56" bust and 40" length.
* Available in colors of: Light Blue, Purple,
Blue, Pink, Lime, Turquoise and Red


Traditional Print Halter Dress

* Traditional Print Halter Dress
* 100% Rayon
* Fits up to a 36" bust and 53" Length.
* Made in India
* Available colors: Yellow, Orange & White.


Traditional Print Sundress

* Traditional Print Sundress
* Quite a compelling dress with traditional print
* Fits up to 50" bust, 48" Long.
* 100% Rayon
* Made in India..


Traditional Print Tube Dress

* Traditional Print Tube Dress.
* (Material): 100 % Rayon.
* (Size): Fits up to a 56" elastic bust and 46" length.
* (Available Colors): Beige - Black - Brown - Fuschia - Green - Navy - Plum - Purple - Red - Turquis & White.
* Made in India.


Willie Mays Biography

* Willie Mays {The Life- The Legend}.... This is a history book collector's...Must-Have).....This biography was authorized by Mr. Willie Mays and written by Mr. James S. Hirsch..(former reporter for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal)...
* Baseball great, Mr. Willie Mays is considered to be "as monumental--and--enigmatic--a legend as American
sport has ever seen. Mr. Mays is arguably the greatest
player in baseball history, still revered for the passion
he brought to the game. In this first biography you will
learn about the man behind the player.
* In this biography you will be presented with a complex
portrait of one of America's most significant cultural


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