Founded on September 11, 2007; the debut of the Hudson Institute 
of African American Heritage and Global Arts Museum; here on 
the Central Coast of Southern California, has marked the beginn-
ing of a new era and challenge for a Proud and Prosperous Race 
of People.  

T.H.I.A.A.H.G.A.M.; was created as a forum for the presentation
of the African-American Journey and as a Medium for the Expo-
sition of Global Arts.  It is dedecated to Collecting, Preserving 
and Interpreting the Material and Intellectual Culture of all peo-
ple of African Ancestry. The museum is committed to telling the
story of African descendants in all of it's Permutations: such as 
Family Life; The Civil Rights Movement; Arts and Entertain-
ment; Sports; Politics; Law; Medicine; Architect; Religious Af-
fliations and Technology.

We value your opinions and solicit your generous financial sup-
port. The museum is a.. 501 (3) (c), California Corporation, and 
all contributions will slated as Tax Deductible.
* Museum President
* Chief Executive Officer 
* Museum Founder
Proposed future Museum
Building Concept... 
    Civil Rights Leader / Activist
 Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
       Born: January 15, 1929
            Died: April 4, 1968

   Barack Obama
44 th. President of
the United States of America
Born: August 4, 1961
       Mrs. Coretta Scott King
          Born: April 27, 1927
          Died: June 30, 2006
First Lady Michelle
(Robinson) Obama            Born: 
January 17, 1964
R & B.... Entertainer Group....The Supreme
(Top): Mary Wilson  (Left Botton): Diana 
Ross  (Right-Bottom Row): Florence Ballard
circa: 1962
Actress / Entertainer
    Phylicia Rashad
     Church of God in Christ
Bishop Charles Edward Blake
International Presiding Bishop       Born: August 5, 1940 
  R&B Singer -Dancer-
        James Brown
Born: May 3, 1933
Died: December 25, 2006
                     Colin Luther Powell
                     Born: April 15, 1937
* American Statesman
* Retired-Four Star General..U.S. Army
* 65 th. United Stes Secretary of State
* National Security Advisor...1887-1989
* Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
* Commander of the U.S. Army Force   

                       Condalisa Rice
               Born: November 14, 1954 
*(2005-2009)...66th. United States Secretary   of State  * National Security Advisor  
* Member of the National Security Council to President George W. Bush * Professor of Political Science at Stanford University  * Served as (Provost) 1993-1999) at Stanford

                 Sydney Poitier
* Born: February 20, 1927; in Miami, Florida
* Bahamian American Actor - Film Director -
  Author - Diplomat 
* 1963 - (1 st.) Person of African-American    
  Descendant to be awarded an Academy
  Award for Best Actor.
* 1999 - Named to be among the Greatest   
  Male Stars of all times by The American
  Film Institute.
* 2002 - Received..Best Actor Award.
* 1997 - Served as the Bahamian Ambassa-
  dor to Japan.
* August 12, 2009 - Awarded the Presidential    Medal of Freedom presented by President       Barack Obama.

                   Bessie Coleman
            * Born: January 26, 1892  
            * Died: April 30, 1926
            * American Civil Aviator
       * 1 st. African American Female 
          to hold a International Pilot 

        Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
* 1 st. Black South African President
* Civil Rights Activist, World Leader &    Journalist
            Civil Rights Activist  
            Medgar Wiley Evers
            Born: July 02, 1925
            Died: June 12, 1963  
                Doris Miller (aka "Dorie"
* Born: October 12, 1919; in Waco, Texas
* Died: November 24, 1943

             Thurgood Marshall
  Born: July 2, 1908
  Died: January 24, 1993
* United States Supreme Court       Associate Justice
* 1 st. African American Supreme   Court Justice to be selected. 
         Shirley Chisholm
  Born: November 30, 1924
  Died: January 1, 2005
* New York..Congresswoman
* January 25, 1972)...Candidate   for President of the United         States.
* Educator &Author
                    Billie Holliday
             Shirley Caesar
      Born: October 13, 1938
* African American Gospel       Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist & Church Pastor
                   Oprah Gail Winfrey
* Born: January 29, 1954; in Kosciusho,   
* American Television Host, Actress,
  Producer, Philanthropist
* Ranked as the Richest African American
   of the 20 th. Century & at on time the 
   world's only Black Billionaire.
* Ranked as the Greatest African American    
  Philanthopist in America.
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