Virtual Museum Arts Gallery

West African Tribal Woman  in traditional dress attire w/t Water Jars figurine.   
(Description): Height & Width: 17 1/4" (x) 7 1/2"   
(Medium):  Hand painted & molded from Plaster.
Thank you for touring our Virtual Arts Gallery.  During your tour you will be 
given an opportunity to view assorted historical video's and photos of (Rare) African~American Artifacts. Our Virtual Tour also include the viewing of Fine
 Arts, Paintings, Drawings, Graphs, Recordings, News Papers Articles, Books,
 and Transcripts of Interviews, ect.

We hope that by the end of your tour you will be better informed about the 
African-African Historical Experience, Journey and Heritage. Furthermore;
 we solicit your Generous Support, Donations and Opinions.                                                        
Thank you!!

 Mr. Albert C. Hudson...(Museum President & C.E.O.)