Remarks: The Hudson Institute of  African American Heritage & Global Arts Museum; extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Charley Davis; for his generous contributions of Historical African American Artifacts, Periodicals, Books, Television Broadcast Interviews and permission to publish this historical artical about the life and contributions of African American Pioneers on the Central Coast of Southern California.  Thank you for your support...

African American unsung  Pioneers on the Central Coast of Southern California
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                  Mr. Charley Davis
  Educator ~ Television Broadcasting Producer ~    Drug Abuse Counselor ~ Arts & Crafts Artisan
  This is a synopsis of his           autobiography...
Mr. Charley Davis.....age 83; grew up on the eastside of the City of Los Angeles, California; and attended Thomas Jef- ferson High School, a rough institution that nonetheless produced choreographer Alvin 
Ailey, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Ralph Bunche, Actress Dorothy Dandridge and Jazz Saxophonist Dexter Gordon.   
The Storms of Life:   
Mr. Davis recounts a dramatic life changing decision he made which altermately changed the course of his 
" One day while still enrolled in High School, I ditched lunch and went across the street to a cafe to purchase 
a Pepsi, " Davis said.  ' When I got there, I ran into a school policeman.  He asked me if I wanted something to drink.  I  said, ' What?'  He said, ' Vodka.'  So he hands me this clear bottle with a clear liquid inside with no label.  He said it was 190 proof alcohol.  So I drank it.  Immediately I got a headache and my eyes started burn-
ing.  For years, I'd see stars like in ' Star Trax', when the Enterprise hit warp speed.  
Soon after this event, Davis left school and began the phase of his life marked be alcoholism and sporadic employment.  For a few years, he drove a Los Angeles City garbage truck.  All the while, Davis drank every-
thing from whiskey to wine.  And his eyesight continued to diminish.
"My eyes hemorrhaged the moment I drank that 190 proof alchohol," he said.  " I found that out years later".
My drinking was making my eyes worse.  By 1959, I was legally blind".
By the early 1960's, Davis found himself drunk, divorced and unemployed.  " From 1962 to 1966, I  was a 
street corner bum, a wino," said Davis. 

                                    End of part # 1.....Story to be continued on autobiography-part- 2
From Rags To..........Rags
Mr. Charley Davis died of natural causes in September-2011, in the City of Lompoc California.  May he rest in peace...