The Museum's to serve the Community by providing a Forum for the 
promotion of Human Achievements and Cultural Enhancement Programs, also 
to Exhibit Exceptional Representative Arts and Industrial Expositions.  

The Museum's to be Instrumental in providing Leadership in the Pre-
servation, Interpretation and Conservation of the History and Evolution of all 
people of African Descent.  Furthermore; the Museum's Public Programming Components creates excitement in discovery and learning and encourages people of all nationalities to explore the Arts and History in meaningful ways.

The major Anchors that describes the Museum's Public Programming recognizes 
the Cultural Acheivements, Gifts, Lineage and Unique Expressions that people of African Ancestry and World Communities share.  Also our programming anchors 
on Contemporary narratives which relates to current events and focuses on our
ever changing universe.

Remarks:Our museum will began operations as suitable facilities and adequate fundings are found.  

Thank you for browsing our web site. 

        Deacon T.C. &              Church Mother Paz Sirl
           Saint Paul
 Missionary Baptist Church 
        Santa Maria, CA
 Southern California Central Coast              African American Pioneers 
                (Past / Present)
African American Civil Rights & Political Leaders
African American Religious Leaders
African American Business Pioneers & Leaders
Mary Mcleod Bethune
African American Pioneers in Science & Engineering
* Mary McLeod Bethune
* Born: July 10, 1875; in Mayesville, 
  South Carolina
* Died: May 18, 1955
* Founded the Daytona Norma &  
   Industrial Institute of Negro Girls in 
  1904 (now Betune-Cookan College)
* President of National Association of   
  Colored Women
* Delegate & Advisor to National  
* Conferences on education, Child  
  Welfare, & Home Ownership.
* Director of Negro Affairs in National  
  Youth Administration (1936-1944)
* Served as consultant of the U.S.  
  Secretary of War for selection of the  
   first female Officer Candidates.
* Vice President of the  NAACP
* Awarded the Haitian Medal of Honor 
  &  Merit.
* In Liberia she received the honor of  
  Commander of the Order of the Star        of Africa. 

*Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
 Administrator of the 
 National Aeronautics 
 & Space Administration
*Born: August 19, 1946,   
 in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.
* Alma mater: U.S. Naval   Academy & University  
  of Southern California
* Retired U.S. Marine  
  Corps Major General, & * Former NASA Astronaut.
* Bishop John Drew Shear Sr.
* Bishop Charles Harrison Mason
* Born: September 8, 1866
* Died: November 17, 1961
* American Pentecostal - Holiness     & Charismatic, Denomination  
* Founder, Chief Apostle  
  Presiding Bishop of the Church  
  of God in Christ
* Note: Current the Church has an     Estimated ( 6.5-Million) Members 
(World-wide) on it's roles.  

        Pastor Henry Littleton Lewis, Jr.
   New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
                    Santa Maria, CA
Rosa Parks
  Elder / Pastor Orie &              1st. Lady
      Gladys Johnson
Victory Harvest Church          of God In Christ
       Santa Maria,CA
Bishop Herman Burns
Santa Maria, CA
Elder Julion Bond
Mount Zion Church of God In Christ
Santa Maria, CA
Deacon Fred Hamalton
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Santa Maria. CA
  Pastor/Superintendent Julius A. &        1st. Lady-Missionary Betty J. Ford    
Mount Zion Church of God In Christ
                 Santa Maria, CA
Brother George Nathaniel Simpson
Victory Harvest Church Of God In Christ  Santa Maria, CA
Revern Clyde Robert Robert Gatewood; Sr.
Victory Harvest Church of God In Christ
Santa Maria, CA